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Since 2012, HYT has measured time in a most unconventional way by introducing fluid technology into a mechanical wristwatch that is made to the highest standards of haute horology. The brand, which is based in Neuchâtel, has succeeded in bringing together two worlds, which on the surface could not be further apart, and combined them in a contemporary, out-of-the-box design. After the Ancient Egyptian clepsydra, who would have imagined it would be possible to display the time mechanically using fluids? The founders of HYT not only believed it could be done; they did it. They are the Hydro Mechanical Horologists.


HYT was already bubbling under the surface in 2002. A nonconformist thriving on challenge, Lucien Vouillamoz dreamed of transforming utopia into reality by reinventing the clepsydra in a perfectly watertight wristwatch. Wishful thinking? More a pioneering vision that would not take shape until ten years later with the first ever mechanical watch with a fluidic display. The idea may have seemed simple, Lucien Vouillamoz knew he could never rise to the challenge alone, and so in 2010 he brought Patrick Berdoz, Emmanuel Savioz and Vincent Perriard in on a project that would break all the rules and introduce fluids into the heart of a mechanical watch. Jean-François Mojon and his team at Chronode were tasked with developing the movement of the H1. Supervised by Lucien Vouillamoz, Preciflex took charge of the fluid technology. Vincent Perriard handled design.In January 2012, HYT was officially established in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. In March that year, the H1 was revealed at Baselworld. The concept? Two flexible reservoirs are attached to each end of a capillary. One contains a coloured liquid, the other a transparent fluid. The repulsive force of the molecules in each fluid keeps them separate. The industry was quick to recognise the technical tour de force this represented, and in November the H1 Titanium Black DLC took the Innovation Prize at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève. Building on such auspicious beginnings, HYT launched the H2 in 2013, in collaboration with Audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi. There was to be no stopping the brand now. In October 2014 it opened its first Asian subsidiary, in Singapore. In 2015 it delivered new proof of its creative genius with three new collections: H3, Skull and H4. These avant-garde watches can be seen for example in HYT's first own-name store, which opened in February 2016 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

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