H1 Titanium Black DLC


HYT: H1 Titanium Black DLC

HYT took the idea for the H1 from the clepsydras of the ancient world, and in doing so achieved the exploit of creating a wristwatch that uses a fluid to show the time.

Fluid mechanics meet haute horology in this timepiece, which draws on a simple but powerful idea: two flexible reservoirs are attached to each end of a capillary. One contains an aqueous liquid filled with fluorescein; in the other, a transparent viscous liquid. The boundary between the two is marked by a meniscus, which indicates the time. The two reservoirs are activated by bellows, clearly visible at 6 o'clock, themselves driven by pistons. And this is where HYT brings its watchmaking expertise into play, to create a precise and reliable interface between the mechanical movement and the closed, watertight fluidic system. Matching these complex mechanics is the taut, aggressive design of the 49-mm titanium case with DLC coating. A timepiece that immediately put HYT on the map.