Dubai Watch Week

A showcase for the culture, tradition and craftsmanship of watchmaking, Dubai Watch Week brings together seasoned collectors and newcomers to the wonders of time measurement to celebrate and better understand the art of horology. This special event draws an audience from across the region and around the world for five inspiring days in Dubai.

The third edition, taking place November 16th to 20th 2017, unites the foremost names in watchmaking for a programme of panel discussions, meet-ups and many other private and public events. Organised by the retailers Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, in association with the FHH, Dubai Watch Week confirms its mission to promote and celebrate the finest in watchmaking.

"Telling Time" exhibition

An artistic vision of time

Telling Time invites the public at Dubai Watch Week to rethink their perception of time, its meaning and vocabulary. The exhibition considers the passage of time from a different perspective through an original juxtaposition of ten video works by international artists and a selection of 29 fine watches, each of which reinterprets - in its own, unique way - the traditional vocabulary of time. This fascinating interweaving of art and horology paves the way for a poetic and thought-provoking view of the passing hours. The exhibition runs throughout Dubai Watch Week… assuredly time well spent!

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Horology Forum

Be inspired by round-table discussions

Because part of the enjoyment of fine watches is to understand them, don't miss the Horology Forum and its programme of panel discussions featuring international authors, historians, collectors and experts. Pascal Ravessoud, Secretary-General of the FHH Cultural Council, contributes to discussions on "Icons and Classics – The History" and "The Independents – Unique Voices of the Industry".

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Virtual reality experiences

At the heart of watchmaking innovation

Breaking the mould of watch exhibitions, the FHH invites visitors at Dubai Watch Week to discover timekeeping instruments through an immersion in three interactive adventures. Use a flyback chronograph to pilot a Grumman F6F-5 while storms rage; operate a marine chronometer, the kind used by sailors in the nineteenth century, on the deck of a majestic three-master; drive a steam locomotive from London to Edinburgh, on schedule, thanks to a Universal Genève railroad watch. These three adventures remind us first-hand just how important these instruments are, for an experience that's out-of-this-world!

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