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Dubai Watch Week

A showcase for the culture, tradition and craftsmanship of watchmaking, Dubai Watch Week brings together seasoned collectors and newcomers to the wonders of time measurement to celebrate and better understand the art of horology. This special event draws an audience from across the region and around the world for five inspiring days in Dubai.

The second edition, taking place November 15th to 19th, unites the foremost names in watchmaking for a programme of panel discussions, meet-ups and many other private and public events. Organised by the GPHG in association with retailers Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, Dubai Watch Week confirms its mission to promote and celebrate the finest in watchmaking.

"The Mastery of Time" exhibition

The mystery of time

If epic tales are your thing, make a date at Dubai Watch Week to discover "The Mastery of Time" travelling exhibition. From sundials to contemporary mechanisms, from unreliable beginnings to the quest for ever greater precision, this exhibition unravels the mystery of time measurement from the origins of humankind to the present day. This remarkable endeavour is illustrated by major developments in technique and by the métiers d'art, an expression of time beyond the movement.

The Mastery of Time exhibition

The Haute Horlogerie panel

Haute Horlogerie, the great debate

What is Haute Horlogerie? How is it different? When is a watch "fine" and when isn't it? These are just some of the questions that Pascal Ravessoud, General Secretary of the Cultural Council at Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie, will set out to answer at a panel discussion on the vast theme of Haute Horlogerie, at Dubai Watch Week. The Foundation can draw on its White Paper on Fine Watchmaking which establishes the perimeter of its activity based on 28 criteria, compiled by a group of experts, to then put forward a definition of Fine Watchmaking. Watch enthusiasts take note: the debate is on!

The Haute Horlogerie panel

Completely cuckoo

After travelling to Paris, Montreal and Boston, "24 Hours in the Life of a Swiss Cuckoo Clock" stops off in Dubai.

Students working towards a Masters in Design at Geneva School of Art and Design (HEAD - Genève) present 18 cuckoo clocks, each in synch with today's world. These modern-day cuckoos are a reflection of contemporary preoccupations without departing from the ironic playfulness that defines these particular guardians of time.


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