FHH Academy_Diagnostic



A new learning development approach! The FHH Diagnostic tool assesses your knowledge and recommends targeted trainings.

The FHH Diagnostic tool makes it possible to obtain an assessment of the watchmaking knowledge of an individual and/or respectively of a group of people.  

Thanks to a specific survey and the use of docimology as an evaluation science, the participant will know his/her strengths and weaknesses in the following domains: 

  • Watchmaking history 
  • Watchmaking techniques 
  • Materials used in watchmaking 
  • High watchmaking market players

In addition, the participant will know what targeted FHH Academy trainings he/she need to attend to fulfill his/her knowledge in order to get ready for the FHH Certification test

We act upstream by assessing your knowledge level prior to advise you a training program. 

  • The participant takes a questionnaire of 80 questions on the FHH Diagnostic Platform. 
  • The participant has 45 minutes to reply to the questions (it is enough time to finish it). 
  • The FHH Diagnostic Platform is mobile friendly. Therefore, the participant can take his/her survey on his/her own cellphone. 
  • The Data Privacy is guaranteed. 
  • For each question, there are 4 choices of answer, “all”, or “none”. Only 1 answer is the right one. 
  • Once the participant has answered a question, he has to indicate his/her level of confidence (from “not sure at all” to “totally sure” on a percentage axis). 
  • Therefore, we will measure the participant’s capacity to give the correct answer and his/her level of confidence.
  • We create and set up the accounts for all participants on the FHH Diagnostic Platform. FHH is the administrator of the platform in any case. 
  • We set up the platform with the timeframe/schedule determined by the client. (We recommend a survey campaign over 3 weeks for big groups). 
  • For B2B only: We define the operation launching message with the client in 9 possible languages. 
  • We set up and run the e-mailing of the operation. 
  • We do a follow-up with the client about « undeliverable » e-mails. 
  • We assist participants who have issues accessing the platform. 
  • We reset the surveys for participants who did not pay attention to the timer. 
  • For B2B only: On the client’s request, we add potential extra participants during the operation. 
  • For B2B only: We give regular completion status to the client (every working day). 
  • We close the surveys / Close the platform. 
  • Possibly: We re-open platform and concerned surveys for participants who forgot to take their survey during the defined campaign period. Recommended reopening length: 2-3 days. 

For professionals (BtoB)

  • We produce and deliver a diagnostic results booklet in English for the client (compiling all participants) including training recommendations per participant, in one big PDF file containing 1 page of average for the group and as many one-pagers as participants, systematically showing the results for each participant VS the group averages, as well as the recommendations of individual training actions.
  • We produce and deliver separate diagnostic results one-pagers in English for each participant, in as many separate PDF files as participants, constituting the one-pagers for each participant, NOT displaying the comparison with the group averages, NOR the recommendations for training actions. The client is then in charge of spreading these files to the participants. 
  • Other analysis: We deliver reasonable complimentary analyses on request. FHH does not deliver raw data. 

For individuals (BtoC)

  • The participant will receive diagnostic results document in English (one page PDF) showing his/her results as well as the recommendations of training actions. That being said, The FHH Academy cannot guarantee that all recommended classes will be opened as we do not have public open sessions regularly for short modules. 
  • If necessary, we organize a meeting at the client’s convenience to comment on the booklet. Comments are based on a random representative sample of the diagnosed population (for instance: 10 participants). 
  • We deliver to the client a facilitated and compiled overview of the training modules needed by POS and by candidate (format: xlsx).
  • We support the client to select the most relevant training modules and offer an adapted training action plan. We recommend several training paths according to the post-diagnostic typologies we will have identified. 

On request - Please contact the FHH Academy fhhacademy@hautehorlogerie.org

At the end of each Diagnostic campaign one or several training modules will be suggested based on the results in the fields of:

  • Technique
  • History
  • Materials
  • Market players
  • Describe a Watch (exterior) [2 hours] 
  • Mechanical Movements [2 hours] 
  • Complications I [2 hours] 
  • Complications II [2 hours] 
  • History [2 hours] 
  • Iconic Watches [2 hours] 
  • Materials and Decorations [2 hours] 
  • Materials II [2 hours] 
  • Introduction to Market [2 hours] 
  • The Brand Experience [2 hours]