The foundation

The mechanical watch is a wonderful instrument and the guardian of craftsmanship and creativity.

Our objective as the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie is to take this wealth of expertise into the world through our four missions to inform, train, recognise and organise. Since 2005, we have promoted values of excellence and tradition within an organisation that has the support of numerous brands.

Our principal vocation

The Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie works alongside the sector's leading names to spotlight creativity in all its guises. The fairs, exhibitions and unique events which it organises are a showcase for Fine Watchmaking and its most noble standards.

Cultural Council

As a reference organisation, we have built a vast network of relations with historians, collectors, consultants, connoisseurs and journalists. They develop content for the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie, speak out on key subjects, and contribute to its activities. This Cultural Council of 46 independent, international experts is one of the broadest in the watch industry.

Our commitments

As a foundation representing Fine Watchmaking, we have a responsibility to uphold ethical practices. We support the Responsible Jewellery Council whose Code of Practices is widely implemented across the gold and diamond supply chains. We also support the fight against counterfeiting. Both these actions are governed by a profound belief in integrity and respect for values.


From museums and universities to industry watchdogs, such as the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry, and international media, including CNN and the Financial Times, our partners provide valuable support. They help us successfully implement different activities and events that promote the culture of watchmaking.

FHH publications and DVDs

We propose reference works by distinguished authors, with contributions from the foremost experts in the field. We have also compiled a collection of DVDs on Fine Watchmaking, its craftsmen and women, and the watch industry.