Cultural Council

The Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie takes position on key subjects within the watch industry. It does so with the help of a Cultural Council, an independent body of international experts.

The Cultural Council fulfils three key objectives. It draws a line around Fine Watchmaking and its brands. It adds to the legitimacy of the Foundation through the views expressed by its members, who also assist the Foundation in drafting content on key subjects in Fine Watchmaking. The Cultural Council also contributes to activities implemented by the FHH.

Steering Committee

Five permanent members, including a President, set guidelines for the Cultural Council as a whole, and for the working parties in seven areas of expertise. A Secretary-General coordinates the Cultural Council and its projects.

Jasmine Audemars
Fabienne Lupo
Franco Cologni (Chairman)
Pascal O. Ravessoud

: Pascal O. Ravessoud

Areas of expertise

The Cultural Council's 42 members, all recognised experts in fine watchmaking, contribute to one of seven areas of expertise. Each group is led by a coordinator.

History and DNA

Style, Design and
Artistic expertise

R&D, Production
and Technical expertise

Distribution and
After-sales service

and Collectors

Brand image
and Communication

CSR & Ethics