Cultural Council – Brand image and Communication

The image of a luxury brand rests on coherent communication in keeping with exclusive products.

Adapting communication to new media is a challenge not to be ignored. For watchmaking, transparency is essential as a way to share and highlight the substance and authenticity of a brand and produ


Christine Noussan-Hodara

Communication Director at the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie, coordinator for the Cultural Council

After ten years in fine watchmaking at the Richemont Group (Piaget and Ralph Lauren Watch & Jewelry), Christine Noussan Hodara joined the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie in 2014 to head communications and media relations for Watches&Wonders. Now in her role as the Foundation's communications and PR director, she is tasked with giving greater visibility to the work of the FHH, with its proven expertise in media relations, communications and event management.

Experts // Europe

Simon de Burton

Freelance journalist and author, United Kingdom

Simon de Burton is a freelance journalist and author whose work is published in titles such as the Financial Times, Architectural Digest, the Daily Telegraph and Vogue China. As an employee of Sotheby's, he specialises in the field of luxury living and is well-known for writing about cars, motorcycles, fine art auctions and watches. He has contributed to the Financial Times Watch and Jewellery report since 2002, and covers watches and the watch auction market for Patek Philippe magazine, Vanity Fair "On Time", GQ, QP, Revolution, Plaza Watch and the Daily Telegraph's "Telegraph Time" supplement.

Stefan Ciejka

Editor-in-chief at La Revue des Montres, France

Stephan Ciejka is a french photojournalist and writer specialised for more than fifteen years in military affairs for french and foreign magazines and televisions who for he covered several conflicts from Africa to Bosnia. He began collecting and studying military, diver and pilot watches in the mid 80’s, before writing his first article about French Air Force and Navy chronographs. He became Director and chief editor of La Revue des Montres in Paris, the oldest French specialised monthly watch magazine for over 25 years. He created several books and films regarding sports and complication watches such as Blancpain and Jaeger le Coultre.

Michel Jeannot

Journalist and founder of Bureau d'Information et de Presse Horlogère (BIPH), Switzerland

Michel Jeannot heads the Bureau d’Information et de Presse Horlogère (BIPH) in Switzerland, a team of journalists working with some fifteen media worldwide. His confident and at times caustic style is equally at home with technical subjects as writing about the challenges facing the sector and its economy. He is founder and editor-in-chief of Montres Le Guide (205,000 circulation) and of the WtheJournal.com multimedia platforms. His articles can be read in Bilan, Le Figaro, Huffington Post and HH Magazine online.

Francesca Romano

Author and editor-in-chief of Orologi & Market – OM Magazine, Italy

After a Masters degree in literature and foreign languages, Francesca Romano began her career in haute couture before joining Sondep publishing company. In 2004 she contributed to I cronografi Rolex - La leggenda, and became editor-in-chief of Orologi & Market. She also compiled the 2004, 2005 and 2006 editions of Sold! Watches & Wristwatches Auction Results. In 2008 Francesca founded Milla Editore and acquired Orologi & Market-OM Magazine, the leading trilingual Italian luxury lifestyle magazine, specialising in modern and vintage fine watches. In 2013 she published Chronograph Wristwatches. Precious Memories of the XX Century.

Experts // Asia

Zhixiang Ding

Editor-in-chief of Chronos, China

Zhixiang Ding has an inner passion for mechanics. After beginning his career as a cardiovascular surgeon in China and the United States, he became editorial director of Car & Motor magazine in Shanghai in 2001. He went on to occupy various editorial positions and oversaw the launch of several premium car brand magazines. A true watch aficionado, he has spent the last ten years as editor-in-chief of Chronos in China, where he has established himself as an undisputed authority in editorial content for high-end watches.

Wei Koh

Founder of Revolution, Singapore

Wei Koh was educated in North America. In 2000 he moved to Singapore and began working as a freelance watch journalist. In 2005 he created Revolution, the world’s first horological lifestyle magazine, now published and distributed in 16 international editions. In 2010 Wei launched The Rake magazine, "the modern voice of classic elegance", which is published in English with licensed editions in Dubai, Russia and Japan. He is the author of Making of a Masterpiece, a celebration of Ulysee Nardin.

Experts // Americas

Carlos Alonso

Publisher and editor-in-chief of Tiempo de Relojes magazine and director of the Salon Internacional Alta Relojeria in Mexico City, Mexico

Carlos Alonso graduated in Communication Sciences from Universidad Complutense in Madrid. He began his career at Futuro Magazine (Rizzoli Group) in 1987. This was the first regular feature on watches in a business and lifestyle publication in Spanish. He then moved to Mexico and a new position as business editor for El Pais. In 1996 he founded Tiempo de Relojes, now with local editions in Mexico, Spain and Colombia. In 2006, Carlos Alonso launched SIAR, Latin America's first fine watch fair, which since 2014 has had a sister event in Spain. He is also the publisher of the Mexican edition of the monthly magazine Gentleman.

Thomas Mao

Founder of ThePuristS.com, United States

A doctor in psychology, Thomas Mao bought his first "serious" watches in 1976. This was the beginning of a lasting affair with fine watchmaking which would lead to the creation of ThePuristS.com. One of the most important websites for serious watch connoisseurs, it made the transition to a community site in 2001. The affiliated site PuristSPro.com, launched in 2006, has nearly one million unique visitors per month. Thomas Mao advises collectors all over the world on how to expand and elevate their private collections.

Stephen Pulvirent

Managing editor of HODINKEE

Stephen Pulvirent is the managing editor of HODINKEE. He was the first employee at HODINKEE back in 2012, and has also served as an associate editor at Bloomberg Pursuits and as the executive digital editor of Surface Media. Stephen's writing and photographs have appeared in Wired, GQ, Departures, CNN, Bloomberg Businessweek, and other international publications. While his focus is on watches, he also covers topics such as design, travel, fashion, technology, and luxury.