DVD - Complications

"Discover eleven watchmaking complications"

Master of Haute Horlogerie - DVD 2: Complications

« Masters of Haute Horlogerie »,is a collection of films on Fine Watchmaking in DVD format. Each of the three volumes comprises eleven documentaries with portraits of watchmaking's craftsmen and women, and a behind-the-scenes look into the watch industry.

In the second series, Complications, eleven watchmakers explain the painstaking work behind the complications that illuminate Fine Watches, such as the Minute repeater, Perpetual calendar, Equation of time, Tourbillon and Grande sonnerie.Each episode tells of the passion these men and women nurture for their profession, illustrated by interviews and examples of their work.These films are especially intended to get young people interested in the different aspects of watchmaking.

Running time : approximately 5 minutes per film

Versions : German, English, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian

Watch the extract of: The Minute repeater


01. The Minute repeater

02. The Chronograph

03. Retrograde hands

04. The Perpetual calendar

05. The Equation of time

06. The Alarm

07. Jumping seconds

08. The Power-reserve indicator

09. The Tourbillon

10. Time zones

11. The Grande sonnerie