DVD - From sketch to presentation case

"Discover the essential steps to develop a watch"

Masters of Haute Horlogerie - DVD 3: From sketch to presentation case 

« Masters of Haute Horlogerie », is a collection of films on Fine Watchmaking in DVD format. Each of the three volumes comprises eleven documentaries with portraits of watchmaking's craftsmen and women, and a behind-the-scenes look into the watch industry.

Shot in some manufactures of our partners’ brands “From Sketch to Presentation Case”, third series of films from the collection “Masters of Haute Horlogerie” presents in eleven films, essential steps to develop a watch, from the design of it to the final tests.

Running time : approximately 5 minutes per film

Versions : German, English, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian

Watch the extract of: Assembling the movement


01. The Sketch, The Creation and The Design

02. Designing the case

03. Designing the movement

04. The Prototype

05. New materials

06. Finishing the parts

07. Assembling the movement

08. The Dial

09. The Leather strap

10. Casing up

11. The Tests