Watches and Culture

Watches and Culture aims to bring watchmaking culture to life.

Through an educational phygital ecosystem, creating and curating original and transversal contents, as well as connecting the major players in the industry together, Watches and Culture promotes and enhances watchmaking excellence around the world.

History and heritage, mechanics and technology, brands and watchmakers, creation and innovation, so many facets of watchmaking that Watches and Culture sheds light on, deciphers, and makes available to everyone.

Watches and Culture now has its own Instagram account @watches__cltr resolutely focused on young audiences who are still unfamiliar with the watchmaking world but active on social networks, and gives a new start to its Watch Essentials application, aimed at the general public and enriched by new themes and topics.

FHH Academy

First aimed at watch sales professionals, the training and certification programs of the FHH Academy on watchmaking knowledge are now also aimed at an amateur public. Available in 11 languages and given by 23 trainers, online or locally face-to-face, they have already been followed by 20’000 people, of which 5'000 obtained the certification developed by the FHH Academy.

The range of our training courses covers all the areas of watchmaking, from the initiation stage to the professional level. New courses on sustainable development were recently developed to enhance our offer for professionals.

The academy also provides information on the different professions in the watchmaking industry and the skills needed to carry out these activities in a company.

Our partner brands

Some forty companies geared towards excellence are actively committed to the culture and heritage of watchmaking. In becoming a partner brand of the foundation’s cultural activities, they encourage and actively support its missions and activities.

They are visionary and avant-garde; they are faithful to tradition and proud of their origins; they are the work of young independent creators or bear age-old names; watch brands in search of excellence, in all their diversity and specificities, carry the values of the profession high.

Our Cultural Council

Comprising some fifty independent personalities and international specialists in every area of Fine Watchmaking, the Cultural Council is the guarantee of legitimacy and objectivity. Furthermore, it ensures the Foundation has the best possible vision from which to serve the interests of the branch.


Watchmaking is a rich and complex universe. For a better understanding, Watches and Culture has a section « Encyclopaedia » to familiarise oneself with the vocabulary of the profession and to discover its history, its legendary watches, its arts and crafts, its fine watchmaking creations, its famous watchmakers and its major museums.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Social responsibility and sustainable development have become essential principles in the luxury goods and watch industries.

The FHH has created a series of courses on sustainable development for the industry professionals, and supports the Responsible Jewellery Council, a leading organisation with codes of practice governing the entire watchmaking value chain and its supply chain, from materials to distribution.


The DNA of watchmaking has always been multiple and collaboration the norm. The watchmaking culture, which is very rich, whether for its mechanical heritage, its know-how recently recognised by the UNESCO or its heritage, must therefore be defended and promoted naturally through partnerships.

The Federation of the Swiss Industry, umbrella organisation of the profession, the watch museums and the universities, are among the partners of the Foundation's cultural activities. As valuable supporters of the FHH, they contribute to its various events and actions in the service of watchmaking culture.

FHH Journal

The FHH Journal offers a wide range of articles on the various aspects of the watch industry over a period covering the last 14 years. Economy, luxury, brands, technology, history, marketing, watches, production, supply, sustainable development... the FHH Journal leaves no stone unturned in this teeming universe.

FHH Novelties

Since 2008, the Foundation reviews all the new watches of the year. A team of specialists selects from among the products offered by the various Houses those watches that are original in terms of technique, design or materials. Each of them is the subject of a sheet detailing its technical characteristics, accompanied by a detailed commentary.

Watchmaking is rich and diverse. FHH Novelties deciphers the latest watch news in a unique style and offers a different reading.

Media Center

The Watches and Culture media center is available for all information requests and holds all press kits, photos, press releases and videos for the media.