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Antide Janvier

1751 - 1835

Antide Janvier © mhe

French clockmaker. Clockmaker of Louis XVIII. Manufactured astronomic and planetary clocks.


Antide Janvier became clockmaker of King Louis XVIII and won a gold medal at the 1823 Exhibition. 

Key dates


Construction of a moving sphere (representing the solar system) which earned him a certificate from the Academy of Science, Literature and Arts of Besançon in 1768.


Repair of the Cardinal de Granvelle's table clock for the municipality of Besançon (made in Augsburg in 1564).


Presentation of two astronomical spheres to King Louis XVI who bought them. Following this, Antide Janvier obtained accommodation at the château de Versailles and became clockmaker to Monsieur, the King's brother and future Louis XVIII.


Embracing the ideas of the Revolution, Antide Janvier adapted his designs to the new age and made a departmental clock (giving the local time of each French “département”).

1789 to 1801

Construction of the moving planetary sphere clock known as his greatest masterpiece.


Under the Consulate, he founded a free clockmaking school where he trained dozens of clockmakers.