Famous watchmakers

Edmond Jaeger

1858 - 1922

Edmond Jaeger

French clockmaker.

Early twentieth century.

Design of watches, in particular for Cartier.

Close partnership with LeCoultre & Cie, the origins of the Jaeger-LeCoultre brand.

Key dates


Establishment of Edmond Jaeger's first watchmaking workshop in Paris.


First onboard chronometers delivered to the French Navy.


Collaboration with Jacques David Le Coultre, grandson of Antoine, for the design of simple ultra-flat and complicated calibres, then wristwatches.


In partnership with LeCoultre & Cie, creation of aviation controls for the allies in the first world war and automobile controls.


For health reasons, Edmond Jaeger gradually retired. Originating from the Manufacture LeCoultre, Paul Lebet succeeded him at the head of the Jaeger watchmaking workshops in Paris.


The watches created within the framework of the partnership between Jaeger and LeCoultre were henceforth signed, Jaeger-LeCoultre.