Famous watchmakers

Georges Frédéric Roskopf

1813 - 1889

Georges Frédéric Roskopf © mhe

German watchmaker established in La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland).

Key dates


Established Roskopf, Gindraux et Compagnie with his son, Fritz Edouard, and Henry Gindraux.


He imagined a simplified watch with just 57 parts instead of the usual 160 parts or more. He named it the "proletarian watch" or "worker's watch".


He showed his invention at the Universal Exhibition in Paris.


He was granted a patent in France for "a type of watch with a platform-mounted escapement." The patent explicitly refers to a "proletarian watch." After filing a second patent in the United States, the Roskopf watch went on sale in New York.


He was awarded a Silver Medal at the International Exhibition in Amsterdam.