Famous watchmakers

Julien Le Roy

1686 - 1759

Julien Le Roy © mhe

French clockmaker.

Maître 1713.

Juré 1735.

Watchmaker to the King in 1739.

Key dates

Around 1725

Invention of an adjustable bracket for the verge escapement wheel. It was found on most French verge escapements from the second half of the eighteenth century.


Adoption of George Graham's cylinder escapement which he frequently used, preferably the verge escapement.


Invented a compensating pendulum.

New (horizontal) construction for edifice clocks.

A specialist in repetition watches. He is said to have invented the straight gong used to make the flattest mechanisms. He is also said to have made so-called “à toc” repetitions named after the sound of the hammer striking a block fixed on the case. He is supposed to have miniaturised the clock anchor escapement to regulate the speed of the chime.