Glossary of watchmaking

Bulk setting

Serti pris dans la masse | バルク・セッティング | 钻石镶嵌

The stone is held in place by shavings of metal that are raised from the mount using a graver (a cutting tool for hand-working the metal).

  • In a pavé setting, the stones are set close enough together to conceal the seats prepared by the jeweller. They are held in place by beads.
  • In a grain setting, one or several shavings of metal are lifted and bent around the stone, then beaded.
  • In a millegrain setting, a thread is raised and beaded along the girdle of the stone.
  • In an illusion head setting, the stone is held by prongs cut with a graver. The edges, which are cut away to reveal more of the stone, can be raised or pushed towards the base.