Glossary of watchmaking

Split-seconds (chronograph)

Rattrapante (chronographe à) | スプリットセコンド・クロノグラフ | 双秒追针(计时码表)

Wrist split seconds chronograph

The split-seconds chronograph is used to time different events that begin but do not end together. When set, the hand of the chronograph and the hand of the split seconds button when the first event ends. After reading the intermediate time a second push on the button makes it catch up with the first hand and the two continue their movement together. At the end of the second event, the split-seconds hand is stopped again to read this second intermediate time, and so on. At the end of the last observed event, both hands can be stopped and returned to zero. One pushpiece operates the split-seconds hand only while the second pushpiece operates both hands.

See complication.