Taking care of your watch

© Breguet


Never set the time while wearing the watch (see recommendations about the crown).

To set the time:

  • Unscrew the crown (for a screw-in crown).
  • Pull the crown as far as it will go.
  • Carefully turn the hands to the right time.
  • Push the crown down and (for a screw-in crown) screw.

The time can be set at any moment.


When changing the date, take the same precautions as for setting the time: either move the hands as though setting the time or for a rapid date change:

  • Pull the crown to the first notch (generally).
  • Turn to advance to the required date. Most dates only move forwards. If you go too far, keep going until the correct date comes round again. Ideally, stop one day before the required date and finish adjusting by moving the hands.

Changing the date engages several wheels in the mechanism. Never make a "rapid date change" between 10pm and 2am as this is when the date-change mechanism operates. Changing the date on a Perpetual Calendar is more complex (see Complications)