Ad Astra

Louis Moinet


Ad Astra - "to the stars" - is an invitation to embark on an intergalactic voyage.

A purple titanium Spacecraft and a blue planet come to life for an unprecedented experience. The craft, measuring 13.59mm in diameter, is represented by an impressive tourbillon at 12 o'Clock. The planet, in the form of a blue sapphire, measures an extraordinary 3.92mm across, with 16 sides and 208 facets, and rotates as a counterpoint to the tourbillon . Both are suspended above a 1.8mm opaque black titanium dial. The high-tech case is crafted entirely from Full Black and Moinet Blue titanium. Avant-garde solutions were developed to create Ad Astra's remarkable silhouette. At its heart are two openworked bridges that surround the movement container, in flamboyant Moinet Blue. An eight-piece limited edition.