Fleurier Virtuoso VIII

Bovet 1822 2017

Bovet - Fleurier Virtuoso VIII

The Fleurier Grandes Complications collection is reserved for the traditional crafts of watchmaking in the most noble sense. The Virtuoso VIII is very much of this ilk, having an architecture that is typical of nineteenth-century timepieces with a full plate while the bridges have been hollowed into a succession of scrolls. The patented double-face flying tourbillon has been optimally designed to ensure absolute chronometric precision, with a full ten days of autonomy. A variable inertia balance sets the pace of this new calibre. All finishing and decoration is by hand. Steel components are chamfered and polished. Disc plates are sunk and chamfered. Both sides of the plate are chiselled with an exceptionally delicate pattern that makes a harmonious contrast with the emblematic Fleurisanne engraving on the bridges. The date is designed so that its mechanism takes up the least amount of space for the biggest possible display.