Galet Traveller

Laurent Ferrier

Galet Traveller

The Galet Traveller houses an automatic micro-rotor calibre which has been adapted with the useful complication of a dual-time mechanism and a date indication – a development that took two years to bring to fruition.

The result is an innovative, energy-efficient movement architecture that delivers officially certified precision. Local time, shown by the central hand, adjusts forwards and backwards simply by pressing the two oblong buttons which sit unobtrusively on the left side of the case. This rapid time adjustment is matched by the date correction, which self-adjusts at midnight and keeps pace with any shift between time zones. The reference time is read in an aperture at 9 o'clock with numerals from 1 to 24 – ideal for keeping track of whether it is day or night at home, no matter where in the world one may be.