Happy Diamonds Collection

Chopard 1976

Chopard : Happy Diamonds

1976 is the year when Chopard first made diamonds dance and created a Happy Diamond watch where diamonds could enjoy total freedom of movement, unfettered by any metal whatsoever.

A dial between two sapphire watch crystals, surrounded by diamonds in free play, lends a special glow to each second and opens a new dimension to the value of the passing of time… Considered right from its launching as an avant-garde concept, the first Happy Diamonds watch received a major professional accolade by way of the "International Diamonds Award" and the "Golden Rose" of Baden-Baden. These important tokens of recognition, confirmed by widespread public acclaim, paved the way for the development of a whole range of gents’ and ladies' watches, along with jewels. The Happy Diamonds collection is an immediately recognisable and constantly renewed classic.