Happy Diamonds

Chopard 1976

Chopard : Happy Diamonds/1976

Winner of the Baden-Baden Rose d'Or award in 1976, the Happy Diamonds watch, dreamed up by Chopard's in-house designer Ronald Kurowski, lost no time in capturing the imagination of connoisseurs and public alike.

The idea of having diamonds float freely round the watch's dial was evidently an original one. More than that, it set a technical challenge as, given the hardness of the stone, these moving diamonds would inevitably scratch any surface they touched, even when held between two sapphire crystals. The chosen solution: to cover the diamonds with a delicate film of gold. Considered avant-garde in its concept and design, Happy Diamonds would go on to win status as a classic watch and significantly contribute to the brand's renown.

Having lent itself to different versions, the watch was "born again" to planetary success when in 1993 Caroline Scheufele reinterpreted the concept as the Happy Sport, offering an even bigger playground to the famous wandering diamonds.