IX Maya Underworld

De Bethune 2012

De Bethune: IX Maya Underworld/2012

The ninth step of the Bolon Yokte Ku, the cosmic pyramid of Maya civilisation, symbolises the advent of a new world – the ninth underworld – when human consciousness reaches its highest level.

Marking humankind’s passage into this new underworld of the Maya calendar, De Bethune presents the IX Maya Underworld, a 12-piece edition and tribute to the scholarly traditions of the Maya.

The solid gold dial is hand-engraved and enhanced with 31 flame-blued steel inserts. The hour circle displays the numerals of the Maya numbering system, while the inner ring presents the 20 glyphs of divinities, animals and sacred objects representing the days of the calendar.

The centre of the dial is reserved for the glyph that represents the baktun, a period of 144,000 days that is one of the cycles in the Maya Long Count Calendar. The IX Maya Underworld is De Bethune's unique celebration of the mystical and scientific genius of the Maya as well as the symbolic beginning of a new world.