TAG Heuer 2007


Since the second half of the 19th century, Chronographs have displayed elapsed time in small, hard-to-read counters crowding dials with many kinds of information. The revolutionary, in-house developed and manufactured new Calibre S movement equipping the LINK Chronograph further enhances the pure elegance of the Link design, while providing more functions, user-friendliness and readability than ever in the high-end chronograph world.

This truly revolutionary movement is a major milestone in Swiss watchmaking, outdating existing quartz and mechanical chronographs by combining the best of both technologies to offer a new standard that is unique and patented by TAG Heuer. It is to chronographs what the "Hybrid" engines have been to cars with their unique combination of the advantages of both electricity and gasoline. There will be a "before the Calibre S" and "after the Calibre S". The Calibre S heralds a revolution in Chronographs comparable to the one brought to watches in 2004 by the Monaco TAG Heuer V4 belt-driven mechanical movement.

Unlike all the other first-generation quartz chronographs marketed today, which continue to mimic the display architecture of mechanical movements, the exclusive LINK Chronograph Calibre S movement measures and displays watch and Chronograph functions with the same full-sized central hands associating the ultimate precision of a quartz beat with the unrivalled complexity of wheels and pinions of a mechanical chain.