Montblanc Collection Villeret 1858 - Régulateur Nautique Wristwatch Chronograph

Montblanc 2012

Montblanc: Montblanc Collection Villeret 1858 - Régulateur Nautique Wristwatch Chronograph/2012

The new Montblanc watch from the Collection Villeret 1858 doesn’t have a regulator dial of the sort that’s frequently used on watches of this type. Instead, it transforms its display area for eight different indicators into a topographical experience. The spectacle of home and local time, day and night display, chronograph, 30-minute counter, small seconds, and combined power-reserve and winding-zone display transpires on more than half a dozen levels.

Seafaring and navigation on the high seas were crucially important for the evolution of precise time measurement, so Montblanc has given the wristwatch Chronograph a worthy companion which can ideally serve aboard a private yacht, but which will also attract admiring attention on dry land. Time-Zone Dial as Navigational Aid: The face beneath the highly domed crystal is mostly patterned after the dial of the Régulateur Nautique wristwatch, but the much larger size of this Clock’s face provides ample space for three time zones. The time in the harbour of departure, the time in the port of destination, and the current local time. As on the wristwatch, here too on the navigational clock a combined power-reserve and winding-zone display reminds the owner to regularly wind the clock, although this pleasant little task is necessary only once each fortnight. The aforementioned displays are augmented by a world-time clock: its scales for 24 hours and two dozen yacht harbour names turn below the cardanic suspension and are visible only from the side.

This large navigational clock is only one half of each Montblanc Régulateur Nautique timepiece set; a smaller cardanic suspension is built into one of the struts that supports the clock, into which the wristwatch chronograph can be placed when one isn’t wearing it on his wrist.

The watch set will be manufactured worldwide – eight sets with red gold wristwatch chronographs and eight more with wristwatch chronographs in white gold cases.