Montblanc “Homage to Nicolas Rieussec”


Montblanc: “Homage to Nicolas Rieussec”

A new interpretation of Rieussec's chronograph from 1821

Nicolas Rieussec's patented Chronograph from 1821 inspired the watchmakers at Montblanc to create the Nicolas Rieussec watch collection with manufacture movements and distinctive styling. The timepiece's unmistakable appearance combines an off-centre hour-circle in the upper part of the dial and the chronograph's elapsed-time displays in the lower portion of the face. As on the original from 1821, elapsed time is shown on two rotating discs, above each of which a motionless hand indicates the passing seconds and minutes. Nicolas Rieussec, watchmaker to the French royal court, invented this construction to precisely measure the running times of individual horses at a horserace.

In 2014, Montblanc pays tribute to this great clockmaker. The Montblanc "Homage to Nicolas Rieussec" chronograph faithfully replicates every detail of the colour scheme and the styling of the hands as they appeared on the original "time writer", but relies on innovative materials and technologies to transport the historical device into our contemporary day and age. The timepiece exists be manufactured in limited editions in rose gold and steel