Royal Oak Offshore Alinghi Team Chronograph

Audemars Piguet 2007

Audemars Piguet : Royal Oak Offshore Alinghi Team Chronograph/2007

Lightness and resistance were the key goals targeted both by the Alinghi architects and by the creators of the Royal Oak Offshore Alinghi Team Chronograph, which is why both sets of experts opted for an exceptional material: carbon. The hull and sails of Class America boats owe their lightness to the use of carbon fibre.

In turn, the watchmakers in Le Brassus, after taking a close interest in the aeronautical industry and pursuing their investigations, discovered a new concept applying forging technology to machining carbon and resulting in forged carbon. Its superior mechanical performances and chemical stability, combined with excellent shock-resistance and lightness, determined the choice of forged carbon as the most innovative material suited to the Royal Oak Offshore Alinghi Team Chronograph. Two other materials enjoy pride of place in this new chronograph: rubber and ceramics, borrowed from the automobile and aeronautical industries, used for the strap and the pushers. In addition to the version distinguished by an all forged carbon case, the Royal Oak Offshore Alinghi Team Chronograph is also available with a forged carbon bezel on a pink gold or platinum case.

While extremely pleasant to wear in everyday life because of its light feel on the wrist, this timepiece is also a precious instrument for regattas enthusiasts and devotees of sailing competitions. To fulfil the latter role, it is equipped with a "flyback" chronograh function and a regatta countdown aperture, two devices perfectly tailored to the complex procedure of America's Cup race starts.