Type 3B


Type 3B

Type 3 is at the forefront of horological and micromechanical innovation - pushing the boundaries of traditional watchmaking. It embodies the most innovative yet of Ressence’s pioneering ideas based on applied science:

- An upper half containing 35.7 ml of oil to ensure legibility from every possible angle.

- A magnetic transmission to connect the dry lower half - containing the calibre - to the oil-filled upper half - where the ROCS module is located.

- Seven bellows to compensate for oil volume changes due to temperature variations.

The result is a new sense of clarity, immediacy and, thanks to reduced friction, greater performance efficiency.

Type 3 won the Horological Revelation prize at the 2013 GPHG.

Type 3's functions are a 360-seconds runner, minutes, hours, days of the week, date and oil temperature. Their subdials continually revolve, as does the main disc into which they are set - like moons in orbit around a planet.