X-TREM-1 certainly didn't go unnoticed in 2012, with its sculptural case, 30° inclined flying tourbillon and groundbreaking display of hours and minutes by means of magnetised spheres.

Four years later, this version in gold and damascened (or Damascus) steel leaves no doubt that we are in the presence of an extreme timepiece. Retrograde hours and minutes are shown not by hands but through two tiny steel spheres captured in sapphire tubes. And there is more. Innovation extends to the combination of this display with a 30° inclined flying tourbillon which Christophe Claret has mounted on a three-dimensional curvex mainplate in titanium. This complex and equally radical mechanism takes its place inside a contemporary case crafted using the ancient technique of damascening steel. Two types of stainless steel are assembled in layers to produce a metal that is exceptionally hard to machine. Which perhaps explains why this extreme timepiece is proposed as two limited editions of 8 pieces.