Watchmaking museums

Museum für Uhren und mechanische Musikinstrumente

Switzerland | Oberhofen

Bernese night clock, 18th century

Valuable objects coming from private collections are displayed in 8 typical rooms. The visitors are led by experienced guides through 7 centuries of craftsmanship.

The collection comprises clocks, pocket and pendant watches, wrist watches and exquisite musical rarities, barrel organs, reed and pipe organs, merry-go-round organs, orchestrions, music boxes and automatons.


Museum für Uhren und mechanische Musikinstrumente
Staatsstrasse 18
3653 Oberhofen
Phone +41 (0)33/243 43 77


Mid-May - mid-Oct, Tu-Sa, 10.00-12.00,14.00-17.00
Su, 10.00-17.00
mid-Oct - mid-May, Su, 14.00-17.00
Groups on appointment