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Nicolae Simache Clock Museum, Ploiesti, Romania

Roumanie | St. Ploiesti Prahova

Nicolae Simache Clock Museum

The Nicolae Simache Clock Museum of Ploieşti, unique of its kind in Romania, was founded by professor Nicolae Simache, in 1963.

The museum shows a chronological collection of important timepieces: sundials, sand clocks, table clocks, mantle clocks, travel clocks and pocket watches. The oldest mechanical timepieces in the museum are the astronomical clocks dating back to 1544 and 1562, achieved by Jacob Acustodia and Jeremias Metzker.The exhibits include beautiful grandfather and long case clocks in cases of various styles, achieved by famous French, Austrian and Dutch clockmakers of the 18th century, astronomical clocks and mantel clocks with the base adorned with mythological or allegoric scenes. The most important, as regards both the number and value, are the pocket watches developed by the famous French and British watchmakers and enamelled watches of the 18th and 19th centuries.


Musée d'Horlogerie Nicolae Simache
Str. Toma. Caragiu, nr. 10
St. Ploiesti Prahova
Phone +40 0244/542861
Fax +40 0244/522.656


Tuesday-Sunday 9.00-17.00