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The Danish Museum of Clocks and Watches

Danemark | Aarhus C

Steffen Brenne 1557

The Danish Museum of Clocks and Watches is the country’s national collection of timepieces, founded in 1934 by the professional organizations and later handed over to Den Gamle By.

On exhibit in the Gallery of Decorative Arts are a good 400 clocks and watches that chronicle the development of timekeeping in Denmark from the late 1300s and well into the 1900s. There are sundials and grandfather clocks; table clocks, lantern clocks and pocket watches. One section shows watches with miniature works of art. Another displays an exceptional series of Danish and foreign-made pocket watches, including a splendid collection of pocket watches made by the renowned Jürgensen watchmaker family of Copenhagen.


Den Gamle By
Viborgvej 2
8000 Aarhus C
Phone +45 8612 3188


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