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Established in 1860 and taken over in 1963 by the Scheufele family, Chopard has never been anything other than an independent family firm. Nonetheless, running and developing a company such as Chopard could not be done without a precise and rigorous ethical approach. Over the years, six corporate values based on the family spirit have emerged. With its own code of ethics and rooted in common sense and loyalty. Chopard has forged its success steadily and serenely to become one of the great Manufactures that firmly believe it is possible to shine outside the major luxury groups.


Louis-Ulysse Chopard established L.U.C in the Swiss village of Sonvillier in 1860. The company quickly became known for its beautifully crafted, ultra-thin and highly precise pocket watches. These were sold throughout Europe, including to Tsar Nicholas II. Chopard remained a family firm until 1963 when it was sold to Karl Scheufele III, the third generation of a German watchmaking dynasty who wished to become more prominent in watchmaking. This acquisition gave new impetus to Chopard which became an established name in both jewellery and watchmaking. Its high-level manufacturing capacities are shared between Geneva and Fleurier (Val de Travers). Fully aware that an independent company must rely on its own resources, in 1996 Chopard set up facilities to manufacture its own mechanical timepieces. While firmly attached to its traditional values, the company looks to the future with confidence.

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