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The art of saddlery and that of watchmaking are closely bound: same love of the trade, same reverence for patience, same esteem for ancestral skill, same desire to create objects made to last.  This kinship led Hermès to begin making its first watch straps in the 1920s, then to create its own timepieces with the greatest makers in the world. This pas de deux continued with the creation of La Montre Hermès SA in 1978 in the city of Bienne, the beating heart of Swiss watchmaking, which saw the development of an entire collection of watches steeped in technical rigour, style, and imagination.


Established in Paris in 1837, Hermès forged its reputation for excellence crafting saddles and harnesses for horses.In the early twentieth century, it extended its leather-making expertise to accessories such as belts, jackets, bags and, from the 1920s, watch straps. Working with the leading names of the day, the company fashioned "guardians of time", objects that capture the vision of beauty of which it is justifiably proud. In 1978, La Montre Hermès SA opened production facilities in Biel, Switzerland. An entire collection of classically elegant watches followed. Since then, La Montre Hermès has continued to expand and develop its independent manufacturing resources.

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