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Born in 1962, Finnish watchmaker Kari Voutilainen has lived and breathed watchmaking for more than thirty years. He trained at one of the best watchmaking schools anywhere in the world, in Tapiola, Finland. In 1989 he moved to Switzerland and, alongside his full-time activity, began working on his own timepieces, transforming innovative ideas into mechanisms and movements which he perfected thanks to the master watchmakers whose path he was fortunate enough to cross, and who shared with him several centuries of watchmaking expertise.


Kari Voutilainen chose Môtiers, the village where he both lived and worked, to make his name as an independent watchmaker as from 2002. The quiet beauty of the Val-de-Travers region lends itself naturally to the watchmaker's craft. Already in the nineteenth century, the area was home to specialist production of watches destined for a Chinese clientele.Kari Voutilainen had his sights set on perfection and this, together with a patiently accumulated knowledge and experience of antique, high quality and grandes complications timepieces, would unlock the door to innovation and creativity. Not content to simply imagine what could be, Kari Voutilainen produces each of his watches himself. Like a sculptor or an artist shaping every detail, be it a technical feature or an aesthetic trait, nothing is left to chance. His purpose is to make classic timepieces built on solid technical foundations that will be passed from generation to generation. As with any hand-made watch, their number is limited. Each has specific characteristics and functions, and therefore its own personal, individual qualities. It goes without saying that only precious metals are used to encase these technical marvels. For all these reasons, a watch by Kari Voutilainen is a collector's joy.

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