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The third generation in a family of watchmakers, Laurent Ferrier studied at the Geneva Watchmaking School. Having completed the full curriculum, his career began at a prestigious watchmaking firm in Geneva, where he achieved the position of product and development manager. This experience would lastingly shape his belief that production and design, finishing and construction, aesthetic and technique can never be envisaged one without the other. When in 2009 his former motor-racing partner gave him carte blanche to create his own watch, he responded with the timepiece of his dreams: the Galet Classic Tourbillon Double Spiral, from where the Laurent Ferrier story began.


Since the very beginning, the Laurent Ferrier brand has given admirers of mechanical watches a true alternative, with a design philosophy that is rooted in tradition, an innovative approach to movement construction, and meticulous hand-finishing.Every Laurent Ferrier watch is developed, finished, assembled and adjusted in Geneva. High amplitude and fine manual adjustment of the escapement ensure that these are true precision instruments. In deference to these requirements, annual production remains extremely small. Established in 2009, Laurent Ferrier is intent on making its contribution to an edifice built two centuries ago by rising to historic challenges using modern technologies. This uncompromising philosophy guides each development, each gesture and each new idea, with the ultimate aim of associating a signature neoclassical style with proven functionality.

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