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Perrelet was the first to innovate the energy supply of a watch

movement with the invention of the first automatic winding system based

on the motion of the wearer. Thus, Energy and Motion are two key pillars

of the brand. They can be found for instance in the dynamic design of

the Titanium collection or in the use of the exclusive Double Rotor

winding system. This “energetic” spirit is especially evident in the

Diamond Flower collection; here for the first time, mechanical motion

has been married with jewelry, thus creating the first truly symbiotic

relationship of its kind. Perrelet is also synonymous with

inventiveness, authenticity and quality. Positioning itself in the

“smart luxury” sector, Perrelet largely favours extremely reliable base

calibres upon which interesting and useful additional functions and

complications are added. Due to its industrial base, the company is able

to appeal and satisfy the expectations even of the most avid watch

connoisseur. The openness and honesty of the brand is evidenced by a

standard open case back which allows an uninhibited view of the movement

which is decorated with the traditional tapestry. Every watch is

equipped with a specially decorated rotor with an inlaid glass segment

of which the design is internationally registered.


1729: Birth of watchmaker Abraham-Louis Perrelet 2004: Acquisition of the brand by the Festina group Abraham-Louis Perrelet was one of the first watchmakers of significance in the Neuchâtel mountains. Born in 1729 in Le Locle, his gift for watchmaking was evident from a young age, and he would ply his trade with great talent until late in life. Several archive documents of various provenances credit him with the making of the first watches "to wind themselves", and for this reason Abraham-Louis Perrelet is considered to be the inventor of the self-winding movement. Heir to his grandfather's genius, Louis-Frédéric Perrelet, born 1781, was appointed watchmaker to the King of France. Two centuries later, the Perrelet name has become a brand which in 1995 launched an innovative collection of watches. Named Turbine, its movements feature a double rotor that is visible from both the front and back of the watch. Now synonymous with the Perrelet name, the Turbine is at the core of a catalogue whose premise is originality and quality. From 2004 the brand continued its development as part of the Festina watch group. Alongside the Turbine collection, with versions for men and women, Perrelet implements a distinctive vision of watch design. Leaf-shaped hands have become a distinguishing feature of its women's timepieces, while its watches for men are defined by a clearly masculine style and the seamless incorporation of strap and case. 

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