Master watchmaker Armin Strom set up his company in 1967 in Burgdorf, Switzerland. In 2006 he handed the reins to the Michel family before officially retiring in 2011. In 2008, Serge Michel and Claude Greisler took the brand's capacity to a higher level by establishing a full scale vertical Manufacture. Since then, Armin Strom has developed and produced ten exclusive calibres. They include a micro-rotor tourbillon and a resonance movement. 

With its unwavering focus on revealing the mechanical artistry of its timepieces, ARMIN STROM has distinguished itself in the competitive industry. The brand’s growth confirms the vision of its owner, Serge Michel, and its managing director and head watchmaker, Claude Greisler. They have built on Mr Strom's extraordinary command of skeletonisation and made it the powerful and contemporary signature of the company, now based in Biel. Each watch is designed and manufactured with the caliber's more intricate side on top to showcase the timekeeping elements at work. Because of private ownership, ARMIN STROM can pursue innovations and special projects that demand investment in research, time and technical skill. ARMIN STROM upholds the superb hand craftsmanship and tradition of Swiss watchmaking while pursuing technical innovation. Its collections embody how modern technology, such as machine finishing, can enhance the performance and artistry of a fine timepiece. By always exposing the movement in some way, ARMIN STROM exalts the essence of horological excellence.

Key dates

Master watchmaker Armin Strom opens his shop in Burgdorf, Switzerland. In addition to selling and repairing watches, he is soon busy making his own timepieces in the backroom workshop.

Armin Strom completes his first skeletonised pocket watch. He starts by putting the watches he makes on display in his shop. The following year, they are shown at the International Watch and Jewellery Fair in Basel.

This ladies' watch earns a place in the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest hand-skeletonised watch.

Serge Michel, owner and Claude Greisler, director of the newly-established manufacture, embark on a strategy to gain independence from suppliers by developing and producing movements in-house.

Launch of the One Week Collection, equipped with Calibre ARM09, the very first in-house movement. It embodies a modern style of movement finishing without neglecting important traditional values.

Armin Strom joins the exclusive circle of watch brands which develop and manufacture their own tourbillon calibre.

Skeleton Pure wins the prestigious RedDot Design Award.

Armin Strom introduces Mirrored Force Resonance, a resonating dual regulator developed for maximum precision, with its mechanism on the dial side.

Launch of the innovative Watch Configurator. Luxury is about exclusivity – the exclusivity that comes with owning something rare and special that no-one else has.