1858: Frédéric Boucheron opened, in Paris, a boutique selling jewellery and precious watches

From the very beginning, the acclaimed jewellery house of Boucheron lavished its glittering, cosmopolitan style on watches. Established by Frédéric Boucheron in 1858, in 1898 it became the first prestigious name to move to Place Vendôme, more precisely a mansion house at number 26. The location had been chosen with care, for it was here that the most sunlight would reach the gems and jewels in the windows, causing them to sparkle. That same year, the company expanded internationally with the opening of a shop in Moscow, followed by London, New York then Tokyo. Jeweller to maharajahs, kings, queens and other prominent personalities, Boucheron presented its first timepieces in 1859, with a collection of delicately sculpted pocket watches. The first wristwatches appeared in 1885. Then in 1947 came the Reflet, a watch with a rectangular, gadrooned case. Seduced by its beauty, Edith Piaf bought 21 of them! Later models, such as the Carrée and the Ronde, would carry on this distinctive gadrooned design.

In 2000, Boucheron joined the Gucci Group, now part of Kering (formerly PPR), which in 2011 acquired Sowind, the owner of watchmaker Girard-Perregaux. The proximity of these two brands within the same multinational has given rise to collections which are an alliance of Fine Jewellery and Fine Watchmaking. For men, Boucheron has imagined Epure, a collection of great sobriety and restrained elegance. 

Key dates

Foundation by Frédéric Boucheron, head of a French family jeweler dynasty. Since then, the House has created jewelry and precious timepieces which have earned it the nickname of “the Jeweler of time”.


Presentation of a chatelaine watch at the Paris Universal Exhibition, which was acclaimed by the Jury.


Forerunner, Boucheron launches a line of watch-bracelets which become instigation of women wearing watches on their wrist.

The House of Boucheron is the first jeweler to move to the Place Vendome in Paris.


Opening of a shop in Moscow, then London in 1903. Today there are 34 Boucheron boutiques all over the world.


The Maharajah of Patiala puts Boucheron in charge of mounting his collection of precious stones on jewelry.


Louis Boucheron is appointed the Guardian of the Treasure of the Shah of Iran.

Launch of the Reflet watch, quintessence of the Boucheron style since then, has flaunted the originality of the clips and fasteners of its interchangeable straps, known as the “B.B.” system.


Re-launch of the Reflet watch. This watch is an icon of contemporary design and its interchangeable straps remain a distinguishing feature.


Launch of the Pointe de diamant watch; thin and square-shaped.


The Gucci Group within P.P.R., buys the company whose legacy had been guarded up until now by four generations of the founding family.


Launch of the MEC watch, Boucheron's first chronograph for men and women. Designed with generous, sensual curves, it is equipped with an automatic movement.


Launch of the Reflet, Carrée and Ronde watches. These timepieces are truly timeless and superbly masculine.


Boucheron made a few changes to update the Reflet: the case is more curvaceous, the gadroons are more sophisticated, the “Pointe de diamant” motif, the Boucheron signature, serial number and Boucheron hallmark on the back. The new visual guidelines seen in the launch of new men's watches, Ronde, Carrée and Reflet, are echoed in the new women's version of the Reflet. The name “Boucheron” is placed vertically on the face, with hands that recall the column of the Place Vendôme, Boucheron's flagship address “26 Place Vendôme” is engraved on the crown.


Boucheron launches its e-commerce website and becomes accessible to jewelry and watch lovers all over the world. After creating privileged relationship with the Swiss watch manufacturer Girard-Perregaux, to reinforce its image as the “Jeweler of time” Boucheron reveals the fruits of this collaboration: the Ronde automatic watches, the jeweler series Ronde and Carrée watches, and the limited-edition MEC Jungle watches.