Since the very beginning, the Laurent Ferrier brand has given admirers of mechanical watches a true alternative, with a design philosophy that is rooted in tradition, an innovative approach to movement construction, and meticulous hand-finishing.

Every Laurent Ferrier watch is developed, finished, assembled and adjusted in Geneva. High amplitude and fine manual adjustment of the escapement ensure that these are true precision instruments. In deference to these requirements, annual production remains extremely small.

Established in 2009, Laurent Ferrier is intent on making its contribution to an edifice built two centuries ago by rising to historic challenges using modern technologies. This uncompromising philosophy guides each development, each gesture and each new idea, with the ultimate aim of associating a signature neoclassical style with proven functionality.

Key dates

Laurent Ferrier and François Servanin take third place in the Le Mans 24 Hours race, at the wheel of a Porsche 935 Turbo. On that same day, Laurent and his racing partner set themselves a new challenge: to make their own watch.

The two friends, Laurent Ferrier and François Servanin, establish Laurent Ferrier SA.

March : Official launch at Baselworld of the Galet Classic Tourbillon Double Spiral whose movement incorporates the exclusive innovation of a tourbillon escapement with two balance springs. They are mounted at 180° and keep the balance wheel centred on its axis, thereby ensuring the exceptional reliability of the regulating system.

November : The Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève awards Laurent Ferrier the Men's Watch prize for its debut timepiece, the Galet Classic. This prestigious distinction is presented by a panel of international experts, under the patronage of the City and State of Geneva.

Launch of the Galet Secret, based on the Tourbillon Double Spiral calibre. A patented system reveals or conceals the dial by the fan-like sweep of two opaque sapphire crystals. The dial is personalised to the customer's wishes, in miniature painting, grand feu cloisonné enamel, gemstones or engraving.

Launch of the Galet Micro-Rotor. Laurent Ferrier gives a personal interpretation of an invention by Abraham-Louis Breguet from 1789: the natural escapement or double direct-impulse on the balance.

Creation of the Galet Traveller whose micro-rotor automatic movement is adapted to incorporate a dual-time mechanism and a date display.

The workshop moves to a listed building in the village of Plan-les-Ouates, near Geneva.

Laurent Ferrier interprets the iconic Galet Micro-Rotor as a lady's model, in a 39-mm case with a more pronounced curve, and with a mother-of-pearl dial showing a stylised decorative design.

Vanessa Monestel joins as CEO, completing the team of Laurent Ferrier and François Servanin.

The Galet Square, part of the Galet Micro-Rotor collection, becomes the first Laurent Ferrier watch in steel.

Laurent Ferrier takes home the Horological Revelation prize for the Galet Square at the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève.

Laurent Ferrier makes its first appearance at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) in Geneva as one of the nine brands selected to exhibit in the Carré des Horlogers.

Unveiling, at SIHH 2017, of the Galet Classic Dual Tourbillon Double Spiral, which gives maximum exposure to the tourbillon, and the Galet Montre Ecole, inspired by the "school watch" that Laurent Ferrier made as part of his watchmaking studies.