Master of Arts in Conservation-Restoration specialising horological instruments
Professional Education and Training (PET)

Length of training:
2 years
Master HES
Admission condition

Bachelor of Arts HES-SO in Conservation or another Bachelor's or equivalent degree in Conservation.

Haute École Arc de Conservation-Restauration (University of applied science) in Neuchâtel trains students in the conservation and restoration of scientific, technical and horological instruments. Teaching is based on a partnership between the school, as a place for academic learning, and heritage institutions.  This partnership operates on multiple levels: loan of objects for workshop study, hosting students for hands-on experience, internships and supervision of degree projects. Holders of a Master of Arts in Conservation-Restoration can work at public, public-private or private institutions (conservation-restoration and research laboratories, local government archaeological departments, universities, museums and foundations) or as independent conservators-restorers for the same institutions.

Source: Haute École Arc de Conservation-Restauration, Neuchâtel

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Haute École Arc-Conservation-restauration


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