Design and development

Industrial design Engineer

Industrial design Engineer
Professional Education and Training (PET)

Length of training:
3 years
Bachelor HES
Admission condition

Hold a federal VET diploma (certificat fédéral de capacité - CFC) in a related subject and a federal vocational baccalaureate, or a federal PET diploma in microtechnology (ES diploma), or a high-school maturité certificate and a one-year internship.

Haute École Arc Ingénierie Neuchâtel offers the only industrial design engineering course in Switzerland. Students develop competencies in product design and mechanical systems, and learn to anticipate how the product may or may not conform to how it will be used. Working from a common core, the two complementary specialisms cover the entire lifecycle of a product or mechanical system, from innovation through to production, use and recycling. The three-year course covers subjects in science and technology, conception and design, and leads to a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design Engineering.

Source : Haute École Arc Ingénierie / University of Applied Sciences-Arc Engineering, Neuchâtel

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Haute École Arc-Ingénierie


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