Master Watchmaker

Master Watchmaker
Professional Education and Training (PET)

Federal professional education and training diploma
Admission condition

Hold a federal VET diploma (certificat fédéral de capacité - CFC) as a watchmaker-repairer with at least three years' experience, and have completed a programme leading to national professional examinations (cours de maîtrise).

The advanced qualification, a preliminary to taking the federal professional diploma of master watchmaker, serves to determine whether the candidate has the professional aptitudes and knowledge required to perform complex tasks (technical and management), to run a watchmaking business, manage a watch workshop within a company, or head a production unit in the watchmaking industry.

Examination regulations are currently under review.

Associated crafts

Associated schools

Association Suisse des magasins spécialisés en Horlogerie et Bijouterie (ASHB) - Verband Schweizer Goldschmiede und Uhrenfachgeschäfte (VSGU)


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