Microtechnician specialising in industrial processes

Microtechnician specialising in industrial processes
Professional Education and Training (PET)

Length of training:
2 years
Higher vocational college Diploma
Admission condition

Hold a federal VET diploma (certificat fédéral de capacité - CFC) as an automation specialist, a microtechnology drafter, a micro-mechanic, a polymechanic or a watchmaker.

Advanced vocational training for a microtechnician specialising in industrial processes covers all aspects of production in mechanics or micro-mechanics, and teaches construction technology, production techniques, automation, operational methods, planning and organisation of industrial processes. This full-time, two-year course includes a period of work placement.

Source: École Supérieure du canton de Neuchâtel - ESNE; SERI Study Framework for Professional Education and Training colleges – Microtechnology engineering - approved 24th November 2010

Associated crafts

Microtechnician specialising in industrial processes

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Associated schools

École supérieure du canton de Neuchâtel - Domaine Technique (CIFOM - ET)

Le Locle

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