Design and development

Microtechnician specialising in watch design

Microtechnician specialising in watch design
Professional Education and Training (PET)

Length of training:
2 years
Higher vocational college Diploma
Admission condition

Hold a federal VET diploma (certificat fédéral de capacité - CFC) as a watchmaker-repairer or a watchmaker with a federal vocational baccalaureate, or as a microtechnology components drafter.

After practical training in horological microtechnology, such as a federal VET* diploma in components drafting, the student microtechnician specialising in watch design develops his or her scientific and technical knowledge with particular focus on machining and assembly processes, materials, industrial technology, metrology, electronics and robotics. He/she learns to produce drawings and documents that will be used in watchmaking and micro-mechanical workshops to produce watch parts. A 12-week work placement completes this two-year, advanced-level course.

Source: École Supérieure du canton de Neuchâtel - ESNE; SERI, Study Framework for Professional Education and Training colleges – Microtechnology engineering - approved November 24th 2010

Associated crafts

Microtechnician specialising in watch design

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Associated schools

Ecole d'horlogerie de Genève


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École Technique de la Vallée de Joux Le Sentier (ETVJ)

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École supérieure du canton de Neuchâtel - Domaine Technique (CIFOM - ET)

Le Locle

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