Design and development

Microtechnology Components Drafter CFC

Microtechnology Components Drafter CFC
Vocational Education and Training (VET)

Length of training:
4 years
German, French
Federal vocational education and training diploma
Admission condition

Compulsory education completed
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As a full-time student or through a work placement combined with classroom studies, the microtechnology components drafter learns to draft the technical drawings from which watch parts will be manufactured. He/she must develop a sound knowledge of machining techniques, materials and industrial techniques, and will go on to work with the engineers and technicians who develop new products.

Hands-on experience is completed by theoretical teaching covering microtechnology, mechanics and physics, materials science, electrotechnology and automation, technical drawing and general education.

At BBZ/CFP Bienne, CIFOM-ET Le Locle and ETVJ Le Sentier, students can prepare for their federal vocational baccalaureate examination (maturité professionnelle) at the same time or, at EMT Porrentruy, after passing their federal VET* diploma (certificat fédéral de capacité).

Source: ETVJ Le Sentier; Convention patronale de l’Industrie horlogère suisse, Training Plan, December 4th 2014

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Microtechnology Components Drafter

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Associated schools

Berufsbildungszentrum - Centre de Formation Professionnelle Biel/Bienne (BBZ-CFP)


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Centre de formation professionnelle Berne francophone (CEFF)


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Centre Jurassien d’Enseignement et de Formation - Division Technique Porrentruy (CEJEF/DIVTEC)


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Centre Interrégional de Formation des Montagnes neuchâteloises - École Technique Le Locle (CIFOM-ET)

Le Locle

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École Technique de la Vallée de Joux Le Sentier (ETVJ)

Le Sentier

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