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Polisher AFP

Polisher AFP
Vocational Education and Training (VET)

Length of training:
2 years
Federal vocational education and training certificate
Admission condition

Compulsory education completed

Combining training in the workplace with studies at a vocational college, the polisher apprentice learns how to prepare surfaces for polishing, hand-polishing and machine-polishing techniques on simple forms, then satin-polishing and buffing.

Apprentices concentrate on mastering gold (yellow gold, white gold, pink gold), platinum and steel polishing techniques, although training also takes innovation in materials into account, and the apprentice polisher is trained to handle these new requirements.

Lessons in mathematics, physics, drawing, materials science, technology, IT and inter-company courses complete the two-year curriculum.

Source: SEFRI decree on initial vocational training, December 15th 2010

Associated crafts

Associated schools

Centre Jurassien d’Enseignement et de Formation - Division Technique Porrentruy (CEJEF/DIVTEC)


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