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Adult Education

Length of training:
8 months
Admission condition

Is at least 20 years old and demonstrates fluency in French, adults who are not currently in employment should pass the entrance exams.

This two-tier course is for adults in retraining. The basic module is open to adults who are not currently in employment and enables them to make a gradual return to work. Theory and practical training are taught at evening classes. Students who pass the final exam, which is certified by the Convention Patronale de l'Industrie Horlogère Suisse, can move on to the level-two module.

Source : Convention patronale de l'Industrie horlogère suisse, Regulations for in-service basic training in polishing, December 7th 2010

Associated crafts

Associated schools

Fondation pour la Formation des Adultes Genève (IFAGE)


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