Production Mechanic CFC

Production Mechanic CFC
Vocational Education and Training (VET)

Length of training:
3 years
French, German, Italian
Federal vocational education and training diploma
Admission condition

Compulsory education completed

Courses for a production mechanic combine training in the workplace with classroom studies, or are proposed as full-time study at a vocational college. The apprentice/student is introduced to metal construction, precision milling of single or multiple parts, assembly work, and learns how to maintain production machinery. Classroom teaching covering theory, the properties of different metals, and general education complete this three-year course.

Source: CEFF St-Imier; SERI, Training Plan, November 3rd 2008, status as of July 1st 2012

Associated crafts

Associated schools

Berufsbildungszentrum - Centre de Formation Professionnelle Biel/Bienne (BBZ-CFP)


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Centre de formation professionnelle Berne francophone (CEFF)


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Centro d'arti e mestieri Bellinzona (CAM)


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Centre Interrégional de Formation des Montagnes neuchâteloises - École Technique Le Locle (CIFOM-ET)

Le Locle

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Centre Jurassien d’Enseignement et de Formation - Division Technique Porrentruy (CEJEF/DIVTEC)


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