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Surface Finisher CFC

Surface Finisher CFC
Adult Education

Length of training:
1 year
Federal vocational education and training diploma
Admission condition

Hold a federal VET certificate (attestation fédérale de formation professionnelle - AFP) as a polisher and a new apprenticeship contract.

Adults who have successfully completed a first vocational training (upper secondary-level) can move on to a second vocational training course and retrain in a new area. For example, a polisher with a federal VET* certificate can take a one-year apprenticeship to obtain a federal VET* diploma as a surface finisher, on condition that his or her employer signs a new apprenticeship contract, or that another employer offers them an apprenticeship position prior to recruitment.

Source : SEFRI decree on initial vocational training, December 15th 2010

Associated crafts

Associated schools

Centre Jurassien d’Enseignement et de Formation - Division Technique Porrentruy (CEJEF/DIVTEC)


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